Moga Pivot

Download hundreds of Moga compatible games from EA, Gameloft, Ubisoft, and more.

"Best of CES 2013" - Laptop Magazine (for MOGA Pro)
"Winner - Best Hardware of E3 2012" - Machinima (for MOGA Pocket)
"Best New Hardware Winner E3" - Gaming Trend

The MOGA Pivot app pairs your MOGA controller to your Android smartphone or tablet, and offers titles from our growing library of 150+ MOGA-enhanced games, and detects the MOGA-enhanced games you already have installed.

CHO Selection Guide

Mobile commerce for CHO Cell Cultures

A catalog of CHO Products from Life Technologies. Calculate your product needs based on usage and place orders online using seamless and efficient shopping cart.
USA Today Quick Cross

A fast-paced crossword puzzle for the mobile nation!

QuickCross is a fast-paced 8-clue crossword puzzle in a 4x4 grid that plays across and down at the same time. Every answer is a four-letter word, acronym, name, prefix, or abbreviation.

- Puzzles get more challenging as the week progresses.
- Track your scores, beat your best times.

Daily Calcs

Turn your smartphones into scientific calculators

DailyCalcs turns your phone or iPod Touch device into a science calculator to simplify everyday tasks in the lab. It includes a new Specific Productivity Calculator for use with fed-batch cell culture processes and a Transfection calculator you can use to simplify transfection experimental setup.
Babes Vs. Robots

Destroy the Robots and save the world!

"The game play is fun, the challenges vary from easy to brow furrowing and silent cursing, and... " -148 Apps
"This is the kind of epic battle mankind has been waiting to witness." -Clearance Bin Review

Robots conquered Earth and humanity's survival is at stake. The elite anti-robot force known as the Babes is our last hope. Use your wit, cunning strategy, and the unique weapons at your disposal to take revenge on the evil Robots.


Help soon-to-be mothers manage stress, reduce risks of complications, and optimize weight gain for a healthy pregnancy.

BabyQ was created by Mark Gostine, MD and Gareth Forde, M.D. Ph.D. after analyzing more than 39,000 pregnancies. Their findings revealed that mothers could easily optimize their weight gain and have healthier pregnancies and babies.

The BabyQ score is calculated after a brief survey that an expectant mother can take to gauge her pregnancy health. BabyQ sends personalized tips straight to your smartphone to help improve your BabyQ score. A higher score increases the likelihood of a healthier pregnancy, mother, and baby.

Car Butler

The all-in-one app for people and their cars

"Car Butler is a comprehensive app that does everything but check your oil." - PC World Magzine
"Car Butler is all about convenience and having everything close at hand in one app." -

An All-in-one app for people and their cars. Locate nearby gas stations, mechanics, body shops, as well as local car wash locations, and parking lots. Prevent parking fines by recording the location of your parked car and receive alerts. Check local traffic conditions and calculate commute time to destination. In case of accident, easily document and exchange information with the step-by-step car accident report. Get 5-day local weather conditions.


Empowering therapists to provide exceptional at home treatment.

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is one of the world's largest organizations using applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the treatment of autism, Asperger's syndrome, PDD-NOS, and other related disorders.

App provides a mobile based workbook to collect session data, schedule appointments, calculate routes, and capture parent feedback.

Chef Vivant

Customizable, interactive, premium eCookbooks from leading industry publishers and experts.

Chef Vivant's unique sourcing approach, provides access to coveted, back-title cooking content from traditional, print-based publishers, as well as a new generation of exclusive cookbooks and recipes from unexplored cooking content sources, in an all new customizable, interactive eCookbook format -- assuring a pleasurable and unique cooking experience, every time.

A simple iTunes-style interface allows you to consolidate and catalog your entire recipe collection into a smart digital library where you can browse quickly, organize easily, search effectively, and cook with confidence.

Domino Rally

Make fun and exciting rallies with Domino Rally!.

This isn't the same game from 1980 - we're talking awesome graphic design, 3D intelligence, customizable camera angles, and recording features. Set-up and replay as much as you want. In-game challenges and reward systems lets you unlock the coolest stunts and crazy targets that little gold coins could buy!

We have tons of Domino's and gizmos waiting to be used in completely unique ways. Make it your own! Share your creativity with friends and fellow Domino Heads' across the globe today!

Family Affair

A Planner for family reunions.

Plan your own family reunion.

The It's A Family Affair application includes three main features that will get you on your way to having a great family reunion. The application facilitates your duties as the head of the family and provides various tools to keep the family connected, on schedule, and within budget.

Fashion Rules

Make Rules, Break Rules, Fashion Rules!

For those who love all things fashion, the Fashion Rules™ iPhone Game allows fashionistas from across the globe create their very own fashion rule and judge existing ones.

Upload images of yourself or a friend and tell us your fashion rules. Other players can vote "Make It" or "Break It" for other fashionistas to see.


CRM for insurance broker.

The only Medicare agent portal that provides you with 24/7 on the go access to the tools and services you need to grow and manage your business.

Access to client information, lead management, on the fly reporting, certification records, carrier links and a paperless transaction system.

Moga Kiosk

Customized app to showcase the Moga controller in retail stores

MOGA provides the most advanced set of console-quality controls available – dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, triggers, a D-pad, and four action buttons give you the edge in mobile gaming. Experience the precision controls on mobile games you've been looking for.

Kiosk app is a customized version of the Android app to limit functionality and support the strict need of box retailers.

Mysteries of the Unseen World

Trivia Puzzles and Games

Based on the National Geographic film of the same name, Mystries of the Unseen World takes players on a spectacular journey into the nano-world. Familiar items from everyday life become beautifully abstract and unidentifiable under the lens of an electron microscope. It takes skill and imagination to figure out what you're really looking at. Quizzes and puzzles will challenge your ability to decipher the unseen world around us.

Olivia Acts Out

Interactive Story Books' Platform

An interactive book for the iPad. Based on the Nickelodeon character "Olivia,". Created for preschoolers and children of every age, Olivia Acts Out features narration and interactive elements that immerse its reader into the world of Olivia. On every page, kids can interact with characters to see fun animations and sounds.


Community of Moms to share and buy activities for kids

A mobile first community of parents to discover learning activities, share ideas, and buy materials

This is a MVP build around Amazon store.

Polo Gamer

World's first 3D Realistic Horse Polo Game

Rock my Run

The Best Running Music in the World

"I listened to RockMyRun the whole marathon as did my husband and we set a new PR almost a WHOLE hour faster than our previous marathon." - Ivy & David
"Effects of music tempo upon sub-maximal cycling performance.", Scand J Med Sci Sports

By conducting hundreds of hours of research with runners and then teaming up with top DJ's from around the world, RockMyRun offers carefully crafted, seamless DJ mixes that are specifically designed for running.

Sketch the Game

The best strategy game.

Welcome to the world of Sketch ... the game where you draw your environment to overcome the challenges that await you. Draw your platforms, arches, and pathways to help you conquer 24 total levels while attaining the best grade possible. Become the Sketch Master! Create any kind of level you can imagine in create mode with items available to you to unlock! You can make up to 5 custom levels to play at any time!
Style Scavenger

Style Scavenger is the easiest way to show your style and get rewarded for your love of fashion.

Style Scavenger is the global fashion hunt you've been waiting for. Compete with the stylish around the world to find the best red patent leather shoes or the most blindingly bright handbag. Earn badges by playing the daily challenge, submitting photos and saving up points for rewards like gift cards and products. Share your love for style… and your love for the hunt! What will you find?
USA Today Crossword

Crossword for Web and Mobile devices

Daily Crossword is the same 15 x 15 puzzle featured in USA TODAY. New puzzles are automatically downloaded daily. You can also search the archives and download hundreds of puzzles.

Puzzles get more challenging as the week progresses. Track your scores, beat your best times, and engage your word power.
USA Today Sudoku

Suduku for Web and Mobile devices

USA TODAY Sudoku is an easy to learn and highly addictive number-placement puzzle that takes the simple Sudoku puzzle and adds features to make it perfect for your mobile phone.

- Puzzles update daily.
- Puzzles increase in difficulty throughout the week.
USA Today Up and Down Words

... for Web and Mobile devices

One of the most popular examples of these new puzzles is Up & Down Words.

- Puzzles update daily.
- Puzzles increase in difficulty throughout the week.
- Personal high score feature tracks the user's best times.
USA Today Word Round Up

... for Web and Mobile devices

Word Roundup Challenge combines the challenge of a crossword with the quick-solve satisfaction of a word search. It packs an extra shot of word-finding fun that will sharpen your wits!
Wack in the Box

A digital toy for kids

Introducing Wack in the Box, the breakout app created by Castleforte. The application features original, wacky character creations that you can play with in more ways than one. You can torment Wack in your iPhone. Save the free exclusive Castleforte papertoy templates to your computer. Print them, build them, play with them, and collect all 8 of them!

1-2-3 Draw

Learn to draw from experts

The 1-2-3 Draw app harnesses the energy and experience of one of the most highly-respected book publishers in this field, with clear, step-by-step instructions that will allow you to create impressive pieces of art to share with others. With 1-2-3 Draw you can learn how to draw cool cartoons and illustrations, email your results or post them to Facebook and make your own drawings with simple yet powerful tools