Fortytwo is a complete technology stack to rapidly develop, maintain and securely operate the backend of large scale, enterprise grade mobile applications. Fortytwo is available both as platform-as-a-service and privately hosted solution; whereas our cross-platform SDKs are available free of charge.

Fortytwo is built upon proven architecture of loosely coupled, distributed modules that are short, simple, clear, modular, and extendable..
Identity Management
Users, Accounts, Security

Robust Identity Management system that supports both traditional username-password and social logins such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social sites. Our Active Directory plugin allows you to quickly integrate existing enterprise applications.

Protect & Serve

We offer four levels of security: Role based authentication and authorization, data encryption on our server, encrypting data on devices using our SDK, and 256 bit encrypted SSL for communication between server and devices.

Integrate or Build social functionality

Build your own Twitter style social network with followers, messaging, and notifications. Use a single API to connect to all major Social Networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Line, and WeChat etc.

message bus
Connect Users, Applications, and Devices
Securely and selectively expose enterprise applications using industry standard message bus. Or connect devices and applications to build features like chat, turn-by-turn gameplay, one-on-one customer support, work or activity feed, and more.
push notifications
Reach & Engage Customers
Send transactional or mass push notifications to iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone devices using a single API. Fortytwo is intelligent enough to detect a subscriber with multiple apps install and deliver a single mass message.
Communicate & Interact

Configure and whitelist your domain names and send transactional emails for new user registration, password retrieval, or any other application specific need. Group your customers and send targeted email messages.

Databases and File Storage

Use our highly scalable persistent data storage for user preferences, application settings or any application specific data and files. Integrate your own data sources using our standard out-of-the-box data connector.

Supercharge your application

Support millions of users. Our server side caching is designed for sharing state, passing data, and coordinating activities across multiple devices and processes. Whereas SDK implements policy driven client side caching.

background task
Scale App's Functionality

Easily schedule and run hundreds of background tasks such as: sending emails, cleaning databases, generating reports, and manipulating images. Configure web-hooks to get instant notification on job completion.

api mashup
Build Connected Apps

Mashup growing list of APIs from Facebook to Twitter to Skype. We take care of all the heavy lifting of securing API keys, caching responses, and managing API limits.

API & Versioning
Become a platform
Build standard cloud based RESTFull APIs. Use them in your app or open them for 3rd Parties. Rollout new versions of your cloud application without breaking existing apps.
Quickly build native apps
Our SDKs quickly integrate the Fortytwo backend. They also have many built-in libraries to create sleek and sexy User Interfaces that are native to their respective platforms.

Fortytwo In Action

Real World Ready-to-Customize Solutions

Field Services
Wow Customers

Improve the productivity of your field service employees while providing instant gratification to your customers. Use Fortytwo to extend your ERP to the field through mobile devices. Create order-taking, managing service requests, tasks management, and credit card processing apps. In addition, we enable device specific features like geo-tracking, image capturing, conferencing and much more.

Let us show you how easy it is to improve the efficiency of your field staff.
Consultation is Free. Drop us a line and we'll promptly set up a convenient time to understand your needs.

Fortytwo is available as a hosted solution, where we take care of all server management, maintenance, and security. It is a reliable and cost-effective option. You can also host Fortytwo in-house. Talk to us for licensing details.

Oh, Do you know Fortytwo is also the ultimate answer to the life, universe, and everything!

Consultation is Free. Drop us a line and we'll promptly set up a
convenient time to understand your needs.