Pintails are gorgeous migratory birds. Every year, they travel back and forth from the north to the south at speeds upwards of 105 km/h.
This makes the pintail one of the fastest, most reliable high-endurance birds in the world.
These are the same qualities that Pyntail also possesses.

Pyntail was established in 2010. We released our first product in early 2011, which remained on the Top 10 iTunes Charts for an extended period of time, bank rolling our company. Since then, we've grown a lot. We've expanded our game studio which has produced 17 game titles and started a consulting and engineering division. We've delivered over 175 unique apps and established a development fund for new ideas.

We've recently started application marketing & publication division.


Build highly effective product teams for our partners.

We believe in creating more value than we can capture. Our core guiding principles are:
People & Relationship
We value people -- employees, partners, associates,
vendors, investors. Our relationship with them is more valuable
to us than any short term gains or profits.

Trust results in seamless teamwork among employees, vendors
and our clients. Ensuring that we become a true partner
in their success.
Strong relationships require trust. We believe that Trust is the
currency for a successful and speedy execution. That is why we strive
to create transparency and build trust.

Innovation / Re-Invention
We're in an industry that changes every second of everyday.
We believe in keeping up with this cutting edge technology, for which we constantly
innovate and are ready to re-invent anytime.
We're headquartered in Los Angeles with global workforce in four different time zones.
We're Big Enough to Deliever and Small Enough to Care
Consultation is Free. Drop us a line and we'll promptly set up a
a convenient time to understand your needs.